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AutoSpot Collision provides auto body paint service to the Dayton, Centerville, Bellbrook, Waynesville, Springboro, Miamisburg and Kettering areas.

Stone-chipping protection

The primer surfacer is the second functional layer and visually covers the cathodic e-coat. As the name itself implies, the primer surfacer’s tasks include evening out any irregularities and being well sandable in order to provide a smooth surface. As an intermediate coat between the cathodic e-coat and the topcoats, the primer surfacer also provides excellent stone chip protection and offers the cathodic e-coat sufficient protection against UV radiation.

The BASF Coatings portfolio includes both solventborne and environment-friendly, waterborne primer surfacers.


Colors and effects

The task of the basecoat is to provide color. The colors are realized with the extensive range of colored pigments and special-effect substances contained in the composition. The basecoat plays a significant role in establishing the visual impression made by the painted body. A general distinction can be drawn between a solid-color and a special-effect paint finish in this segment.

BASF Coatings’ basecoat portfolio consists of both conventional, solventborne basecoats and waterborne alternatives. A shift from solventborne to waterborne technologies for environmental reasons is evident.


Shine and protection

The clearcoat forms the “roof” over the paint system. The final coat, which seals everything else in, is usually pigment-free and transparent. It has to withstand particular challenges such as resistance to sunlight and weather, but also to industrially generated chemicals and natural, biological influences (bird droppings etc.). Furthermore, the focus in the clearcoat segment is on a very high scratch resistance.

BASF Coatings’ clearcoat portfolio offers 1-component and 2-component clearcoats and also “no-solvent” clearcoats (SlurryGloss).

The latest development in the clearcoat area is called iGLoss. This BASF Coatings innovation promises even higher, more durable scratch resistance, combined with long-lasting shine.


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They handled my insurance claim after my car was broken into. I was trying to figure out how to handle everything on my own and was quickly getting overwhelmed. They recognized this and after I told them I wanted them to do the repairs, they took the keys from me, had the rental company pick me up, and said not to worry about anything until I came to pick up the car when it was done. They really put me at ease and did a tremendous job.

Randy Brooks


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